Field Tested

Getting stuck in the back country must be one of the most gut-wrenching feelings.  Especially if there is not another vehicle there to pull you out.  That is why it is best to be prepared for anything.  Below is a series of steps and products to help you when you need it most.

Below is our van getting officially stuck.  Buried down to the bumper.


Getting buried this deep we used a couple tools. 

First, we used the Krazy Beaver Super Shovel to dig out the rear bumper, trailer hitch, and rear tires to make space for our traction mats

Next, place the traction mats at the base of the tire.  This will work for forward or reverse.  In this example, we are backing out of the problem area.  
Once the traction mats are in place, simply put the vehicle in gear and go.
And just like that, you are out.  We also have exhaust jacks (pictured below) which prove to be very handy.  You can use the exhaust jack to lift the vehicle and place traction mats under the tires.
Exhaust Jack