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Krazy Beaver Mud Shovel

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Krazy Beaver Mud Shovel

An overland shovel with holes in it?! The Krazy Beaver Mud/Beach Shovel is the best there is for clearing mud out from under a trapped vehicle or digging for Pirate Treasure at a Beach. Its patented unique perforated design allows water and air to transfer eliminating the suction caused while digging in mud.  Likewise when the shovel is turned over the mud has nothing to stick to so the mud releases like a hot knife through butter. The removable D-Grip allows for water to be removed in the event the shovel is submerged.  

The Head:  

  • Perforated to eliminate suction caused when digging in Mud.  Excellent for sifting sand.
  • 14 Gauge Steel.
  • #2 Round point blade measures 8 3/4” X 11”
  • Can hold up to 270lbs
  • Comes with a clear coat over the metal.

The Handle:  

  • Made of lightweight but extremely strong fiberglass  
  • High Visibility Yellow
  • The head to handle connection has a permanently mounted solid 14” fiberglass reinforcing core to withstand breakage during the most extreme circumstances.  

The D-Grip:

  • Made of solid Polymer.  
  • There is no soft rubber on these grips.  The reason for the use of the solid Polymer is because soft rubber overtime begins to break down and becomes sticky. 
  • The removable D-Grips allows water to be removed in the event the shovel is submerged.  Thus preserving the integrity of the product.