This kitchen area is on a 99' Astro Van.  The space inside the Astro Van is limited.  I have seen a lot of builds with kitchen areas behind the driver seat or somewhere towards the front of the vehicle but not too many in the back of the van.  Everyone has their own diagram they follow and that's the beauty of designing your own set up. The following is what I have done.  I am posting it here to give you ideas.  In case you are looking for inspiration.  

A couple things right away about my kitchen area.  It is not permanent.  A couple bolts and screws and I can move it to other vehicles.  This set up also works very well in the back of an SUV or truck. 

I put my kitchen area in the back of my van for one reason.  I wanted the option to either cook inside the van or stand up and cook on the outside of the van.  When camping with friends, its nice to be outside chatting and hanging out while you cook dinner or breakfast.  It is also nice to have the option to cook inside the van incase of inclement weather.

The faucet being used is one we sell.  I have used it for a year with no issues.  It is inexpensive and super convenient.  It is rechargeable so there is no need to hard wire anything.  It will pump 25 gallons on a single charge!  Here is a link to it if you are interested Water Pump.  This water pump is meant for barrel style water jugs, which would work great in the back of a van if you have the room for one.  I didn't have quite enough room under my cabinet, so I improvised and I have the feed hose dropping right into a 5 gallon water jug.  As for grey water, I drilled a water exit hole in the back of the van.  I wanted to save space and another 5 gallon jug would just take up more space.

Below are photos of the finished product.  

Opening the side hinges exposes the storage area to get supplies.  Also, it gives you extra space for cooking and preparing food.  See below.

Here are some photos of the pluming.

And here is the water pump we sell.

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Happy building and creating.